Love the Health Benefits of Probiotics, Hate Taking Pills?

We did, too.

We all know the benefits of incorporating probiotics into our lifestyle, but the last thing any of us needs is another pill to add to the daily routine.

Kefirs and kombuchas in the store shelves are a better source of live probiotics but were so gritty and sour or loaded with sugar we could barely choke them down.

We asked ourselves: why isn't there a live probiotic that we actually look forward to taking every day?

So, we spent over two years experimenting with different recipes to create a probiotic beverage that delivers all the gut health support we need, and tastes absolutely delicious.

The result: our small batch, coconut water based kefir. We call it CoCoKefir. It's changed our lives and we hope it will do the same for you.


- Jen & Ben

coconut water kefir

Wife & Husband, Co-Founders of GutLuv

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