Daily Gut Health Support in One Delicious Beverage.

A Probiotic Drink You Actually Look Forward to Taking.


Refresh, Restore, Renew.

Achieve your wellness goals with GutLuv probiotic coconut water - we call it CoCoKefir.

The Benefits

What does natural gut health support look like?

CoCoKefir is loaded with live and probiotics, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals.

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GutLuv is crafted using the ancient, artisnal process of fermenting kefir.

It starts with sourcing the finest quality coconut water from around the globe, fermented with live kefir cultures, and finished with natural juices, botanicals, and, of course, a lot of luv.

We think you will taste and experience the difference that kefir made without shortcuts can make.

  • Live Probiotics

    We ferment GutLuv CoCoKefir always with live probiotics, never high-pressure processed, and gently frozen to lock in maximum gut health benefits.

  • 100% Plant Based

    All GutLuv CoCoKefir is made with coconut water, live probiotics and natural juice & botanical flavoring. Never processed with dairy or any other animal products.

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  • No Sugar Added

    CoCoKefir's unique flavors are derived from the natural sweetness found in coconut water, the tang from the fermentation process, and high quality juice & botanical extracts. No extra sugar or artificial sweeteners added.

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