Our Story

gutluv probiotics


GutLuv was born from our family’s desire to incorporate naturally occurring probiotics into our daily lives.

Jen suffered from digestive issues after taking antibiotics for multiple years to combat Lyme Disease. Ben was struggling to maintain a healthy weight and blood pressure.

We looked to probiotics to support a healthier lifestyle and thought pricey supplements were the only way. After years of taking them, we never saw much improvement.

We looked for other options.

Taking a cue from friends in the wellness community, holistic medical doctors, and published biochemists, we took a closer look at the ancient, natural probiotic beverage known as kefir. When produced in the traditional, artisanal method, kefir contains billions of naturally occurring probiotics. No lab required!

The problem: the store-bought brands lacked plant-based options, had artificial ingredients and sweeteners or lacked the microbial diversity and probiotic potency of traditional, craft kefir. It was also not easy to find. 

So in 2019, we decided to make our own. Hundreds of batches and countless recipe tweaks later, GutLuv CoCoKefir is now available nationwide, delivering all of the live probiotic power and nourishing refreshment of artisanal kefir, without artificial ingredients, no sugar added and 100% plant-based.


Our ongoing mission is to make functional remedies for gut health accessible to everyone. Every batch is crafted with quality ingredients and, of course, lots of Luv.

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